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Management Services

This is a general description of what we do. If you have questions, please contact us.

  1. Secure and personal showings of your properties.
  2. Collection of all rent and deposits.
  3. Hassle free and accurate utility company transfers to tenants.
  4. Advertising of available vacancies in newspaper and with “FOR RENT” signs.
  5. Inspection of property when vacant and check to make sure the unit or house is clean.
  6. We take care of maintenance calls using repairmen you specify.
  7. Tenants fill out a lease application and we check their credit references through the credit bureau and check their rent references personally. If they do not have rent references, we may allow a co-signer who has to go through the same process and if approved, signs the lease with the tenant.
  8. Each tenant signs the lease with Action Property Management, Inc. the agent for the owner using our lease.
  9. We send monthly statements to the owner showing all the rents collected and all disbursements made on each property.
  10. Any major repairs are verified with the owner for approval.
  11. We can make mortgage payments, pay taxes, and insurance premiums on your investment.
  12. We can send a check to you or deposit it in a specified bank account each month.